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Organic image sensors

In cooperation with ISORG / France we offer the development and production of organic image sensors based on new semiconductor materials from the organic chemical industry. Organic photo detectors offer similar optoelectronic performances as silicon based devices, but provide more features for new product designs.

ISORG is a pioneer of printed electronics and has specialized on the design and mass manufacturing of complete optoelectronic systems based on printed photo detectors, as well as developing related OEM customer specific solutions.

Organic printed electronics image sensors are based on photo diodes with customizable shape and form factor and are obtained by the deposition and patterning of organic materials on a plastic or glass substrate. The used technique enables the integration of sensors in existing equipments without redesign by using adhesive plastic strips or foils. It is possible to combine on the same substrate the printed photo detectors with standard silicon components, as e.g. op-amps or micro controllers.

Organic photo detectors can also be combined with different transistor technologies for image sensors, as transistors in amorphous silicon or transistors in organic electronics (OTFT). Thanks to large area printing process solutions, a competitive cost per area ratio opens the doors for new applications and for the unique mechanical integration in industry equipments. Conformable and robust to shock, these devices are ideal to be used in portable devices.

The pixel size of image sensors can vary from 1-0.5mm for interactive displays, 150m for X-ray digital imaging and 80-50m for fingerprint scanning, applications in biometrics, diagnostics or with other image scanners.

Possible applications include photo detectors, biometrics sensors, bar code and tag code reading, document and surface scanning, large area image sensors for X-ray digital imaging, body and dental X-ray imaging, fingerprint images, medical, internet-of-things, industry 4.0, wearable devices, 3D gesture recognition and object or position detection.

The organic image sensors by ISORG are at present produced as customized devices optimized to the respective application. Please contact us to check out whether this technique is suitable also for your application.

Page updated at: 08/19/2015