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Sockets for optoelectronic components by Hamamatsu

Andon provides suitable sockets for many optoelectronic components by Hamamatsu which enable a fast and reliable exchange of these devices for service or repair purposes.

Below you can find a cross-list about which socket is suitable for which component.

If necessary, modifications of the basic socket types are possible. This concerns, for example, other materials for the frame, or the design and surfaces of the terminals. Please contact us if you are interested to learn more about the possible options.

Closer information including dimensional drawings can also be found in the
Overview of sockets for optoelectronic components by Hamamatsu .

Back to the overview of socket products by Andon for DC/DC converters.

Socket Order code
matching DC/DC converters
R080-0403-01N-433E-R27-L14 01.25.0116 L7650, L7650-53, L6690-53, L11854-307-05, L11348-307-05
R100-0403-01T-75S-R27-L14 01.25.0117 G6854-01, G7096-01, G8370-81, G8371, G8371-01, G8371-03, G8372-01, G8373-01,
G8376-02, G8376-03, G8376-05, L9418-04, G9801-21, G9801-32, G9801-22, G8376-10,
G8421-03, G8421-05, G8422-03, G8422-05, G8423-03, G8423-05, L6690, L7055-04, L7695-04,
L7910, S6045-01, L8048-04, L8414-04, L8446-04, L8446-42, L8763-04, L8763-41, L8763-42,
L8933-04, L8933-41, L8933-42, L9277-04, S6045-03, S12053-02/-05/-10, S12023-02/-05/-10/-10A,
S12051, S12086, S12060-02/-05/-10, 68931-04, 68931-20, S6045-02
R100-0402-06T-75S-R27-L14 01.25.0031 L7060-02, L7690-02, S1336-18BK, S1336-18BQ, S1336-18BU, L2656, L2656-03, L1939-04,
L1939, S1226-18BU, S1336-18B6, L1915-01, L12756, L1915, L1909, L12771-01, L12771, L1915-02,
S1226-18BQ, S1226-18BK
R200-0402-02T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0067 S1336-44BQ, S1336-5BK, S1336-5BQ, S1223-01, S1223, S1226-5BQ, S1226-44BQ, S1226-5BK,
R200-0403-04T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0118 G8370-01, G8370-02, G8370-03, G8370-82, G8370-83, G8372-03, G8373-03, P3207-05, P791-11,
S6045-05, P791-3, P8079-01, P9217-02, P9217-03, S9075, S11499, S12742-254, S6045-04, S5344,
S2384, S3884, P3207-08, P9696-02/-03, S8664-02K/-05K/-10K/-20K, S8890-02/-05/-10/-15
R200-0404-01T-01S-R27-L14 01.22.0548 K1713-05, K1713-08, K1713-09, T11722-01, K11908-010K, K1713-02/-002
R230-0808-01T-75S-R27-L14 01.23.0230 G6849-01, S4402, G6849, G6849-1
R230-1010-02T-211S-R27-L14 01.23.0229 S8745-01
R295-0402-01T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0048 S1336-8BK, S1336-8BQ, S1226-8BQ, S1226-8BK
R295-0403-01T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0076 S1336-8BK, S1336-8BQ, S1226-8BQ, S1226-8BK
R400-SP12-02T-01S-R27-L14 01.23.0234 K3413-01, K3413-02, K3413-05, K3413-08, K3413-09, S8746-01, SB8746, K3413-01/-002
R400-SP05-01T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0105 S2044
R100-SP05-01T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0223 G5851-11, G5851-13, G5851-103, G5852-11, G5852-13, G5852-21, G5852-103, G8605-11,
G8605-12, G8605-13, G8605-15, G8605-21, G8605-22, G8605-23, G8605-25, P2038-02, P2038-03,
P2532-01, P2682-01, P2750-06, P2680-02, P2680-03, P3257-31, P3981, P6606-110, P8079-11,
P2750-08, P6606-210, P8079-21
R710-0404-01N-295V-R27-L14 01.25.0106 S1300
F355-SP06-01-274K-R27-L14 01.25.0107 P3981-01
R710-SP05-01N-295V-R27-L14 01.25.0108 S1200, S1880
F500-SP07-01-433E-R27-L14 01.25.0109 P2750, P2750-06, P6606-305, P6606-310, P6606-320
R1350-SP05-01-433E-R27-L14 01.25.0110 S1881
F700-SP11-01-433E-R27-L14 01.25.0111 S8785, S8785-01, S8785-02, S9295, S9295-01
R100-0403-04N-75S-R27-L14 01.25.0063 L8414-41, L11607-04, L11348-330-04, L11649-120-04, L10452-42, L9277-42, L9418-42
CSP226-04-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0112 L2204-01
R375-SP16-01T-75S-R27-L14 01.25.0113 L12017-1278T-C, L12014-2231T-C, L12015-1901T-C, L12016-1360T-C, T11264-08
R437-0402-01T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0114 R244, R259, R259-01
R469-0504-01T-433E-R27-L14 01.25.0115 R1753-01, R1868
R315-0402-01T-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0050 R2868, R9454
R311-SP08-01T-01D-R27-L14 01.25.0104 R2868, R9454
CSP200-02-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0099 S8664-55
CSP200-02-02-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0100 S8664-55
CSP291-02-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0101 S1227-66BQ, S1227-BR
CSP200-04-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0102 S3931
CSP100-02-01-274K-R27-L14 01.25.0095 S12572-010/-015C, S12572-025C/-050C/-100C
CSP492-02-01-274K-R27-L14 01.25.0096 S1227-1010BQ, S1227-1010BR
CSP050-05-01-274K-R27-L14 01.25.0097 S10985 SERIES
R118-SP02-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0036 S12571-010/-015C, S12571-025C/-050C/-100C, S1087/S1087-01
CSP335-02-02-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0098 S1227-16BQ, S1227-16BR
R197-SP02-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0039 S1133, S1133-01/-14
CSP177-02-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0085 S1227-33BQ, S1227-33BR
R200-1210-01T-274K-R27-L14 01.25.0086 S4349
C10-618-18-01-01S-R27-L14 01.23.0147 S11212-121, S11212-021, S11212-321, S11212-421
C10-318-18-01-01S-R27-L14 01.23.0218 S11299, S11299-421, S11299-121, S11299-021, G7151-16, G7150-16, G12430-016D, S4111-16R, S4111-16Q
R100-0404-02T-75S-R27-L14 01.25.0087 T11361-01, T11262-01
CSP551-32-01-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0088 S11064
585-07-02-034-211M-R29-L14 01.22.0454 S8550-02
R400-SP06-01T-01S-R29-L14 01.25.0089 P9696-102/-103, P9696-202/-203
R295-0403-01T-01S-R29-L14 01.25.0090 S8664-30K, S8664-50K, S8890-30, S2385, S5345
C10-640-40-01-01S-R29-L14 01.25.0091 G12430-032D, S4111-35Q, S4114-35Q
C10-204-04-01-01S-R29-L14 01.25.0092 S3274-05, S3096-02
C10-648-48-01-01S-R29-L14 01.25.0093 G12430-046D, S4111-46Q, S4114-46Q
CSP200-04-02-01S-R27-L14 01.25.0094 S3932

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