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EMVA 1288 Test Equipment by Aphesa

Normally data sheets of CCD/CMOS sensors and cameras provide performance parameters in different, noncomparable, units. The EMVA1288 standard has defined absolute measurements of physical parameters for machine vision cameras, so that systems from different manufactures can be compared.

The test equipment by APHESA offers EMVA1288 standard compliant measurements for cameras with various interfaces and lens mounts. It comes ready to use with hardware, software, documentation, on-site installation and on-site training. The main advantage of this product is its large illuminated area that allows for measurements of sensors up to 4cm of diagonal with less than 2% of uniformity error and a maximum sensor diagonal of 70mm.

More details and complete specifications can be found in the product flyer or on the web pages of the manufacturer Aphesa.

Beside the sales and technical support for the EMVA 1288 test equipment Eureca offers also the service to make respective measurements at cameras, which are sent in by our customers. Please contact us, if you should have interest in this service.


Compliance EMVA1288 3.0 and 3.1
Wavelength range 395nm...940nm
Different wavelengths Up to 12
Output power 10nW/cm2...200µW/cm2
Optical power resolution 0.02nW/cm2
Measurement port diameter 110mm
Uniformity vs sensor diagonal <10mm / <0.5%
<20mm / <1%
<40mm / <2%
<70mm / <5%
Exposure control Light intensity with feedback
exposure time or light duty cycle with feedback
Lens formats F, C, CS or none
Compatible interfaces CameraLink Base/Medium/Full
Aptina DevWare
GigE-Vision (Gencam 1 and 2)
Additional equipment required None

Page updated at: 04/22/2014