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Image Sensors by Caeleste

Caeleste is a design house for turn-key, high-end, high performance, image sensors.  Its product is custom design, IP and long term R&D consulting.

The unique company IP enables hybrid or mixed arrangements that rival monolitic solutions in terms of noise immunity and S/N; ultra low noise readout in the presence of large amounts of fast switching digital logic in the pixel; high fill factor in monolithic CMOS sensors; time gating pixels.  IP for arrays of X-ray photon counters with high yield, enabling unprecendented performance in noise floor, energy discrimination and MTF.

The team consists of experienced designers, imaging scientists and technology experts who have built their expertise at FillFactory, Cypress Semiconductor, IMEC, CEA-LETI, ULIS, Texas Instruments in designing many advanced and first-off image sensors. We focus on application domains as Medical and Space imaging, as well as on the advanced niches in Automotive, Factory automation, Biometrics, Scientific imaging, Spectroscopy.

You can find closer information at the web pages of Caeleste.

Page updated at: 08/15/2013