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Lenses for Line Scan Cameras by Schneider Kreuznach

Visual process and quality control is one of the most important application areas in modern industrial optics. With the growing use of large-format, increasingly high-resolution image sensors, conventional lenses are now reaching their optical limits. Schneider-Kreuznach provides excellent lenses especially for cameras with large sensors of the latest and coming generations.

Due to their universal, application-independent design and a construction which is both optically and mechanically advanced designs, these lenses make it possible to take advantage of modern sensor technology to the fullest performance. With wide-ranging accessories such as extension tubes, helical mounts and adapters, these lenses are used in classic machine vision, LCD, PCB and web inspection, in medical applications, food processing as well as 2D and 3D measuring technology.

During development, regardless of the area of application, maximum priority was given to outstanding imaging performance, low longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberration, as well as extremely low distortion, i.e. two criteria which are of great importance for the new linear and area sensors and the associated application and tasks. The optical quality is supported by a mechanical construction which has been geared specially to optical requirements.

New, high-precision manufacturing methods allow the completion of the tightest optical and mechanical tolerances. For our customers, the benefits of this design are obvious: Schneider-Kreuznach lenses for large sensors are distinguished by their great Opto-Mechanical robustness and durability, even in extreme and constantly changing operating conditions, as well as by their very low maintenance requirements.

EMERALD series, F-Mount, 400-1000nm

Designation Type Version Order code
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/28 F-Mount -0003 F-Mount 1071606
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/28 F-Mount -0006 F-Mount 1071609
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/28 V48-Mount -0007 V48-Mount 1071610
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/28 Canon-Mount -0009 Canon-Mount 1072683
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/28 V48-Mount -0008 V48-Mount 1071611
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/28 Canon-Mount -0010 Canon-Mount 1072685
Xenon-EMERALD 2.2/50 F-Mount -0002 F-Mount 106672
Xenon-EMERALD 2.2/50 V48-Mount -0004 V48-Mount 1070074
Xenon-EMERALD 2.2/50 Canon-Mount -0005 Canon-Mount 1070507
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/100 F-Mount -0024 F-Mount 1064881
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/100 V48-Mount -0027 V48-Mount 1070119
Xenon-EMERALD 2.8/100 Canon-Mount -0025 Canon-Mount 1070400
Xenon-EMERALD 2.9/100 F-Mount -0002 F-Mount 1070506
Xenon-EMERALD 2.9/100 V48-Mount -0003 V48-Mount 1073834
Xenon-EMERALD 2.9/100 Canon-Mount -0004 Canon-Mount 1073835
Version: 07-23-2014

SAPPHIRE series, e.g. for 16k line scan cameras (57.3mm long / Pixel size 3.5µm)

Designation Type Version Order code
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 4.7/95 -0001 V70-Mount 1071824
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 4.5/95 -0001 V70-Mount 1068013
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.9/95 -0001 V70-Mount 1071819
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.7/95 -0001 V70-Mount 1071818
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.5/96 -0001 V70-Mount 1068012
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.2/96 -0001 V70-Mount 1071189
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.2/97 -0001 V70-Mount 1071190
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 2.8/98 -0001 V70-Mount 1076452
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.2/97 -0011 V70-Mount 1076096
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.2/88 -0001 V70-Mount 1068014
Xenon-SAPPHIRE 3.2/88 -0003 V70-Mount 1073347
Version: 07-23-2014

DIAMOND series, e.g. for 12k line scan cameras (62.5mm long / Pixel size 5µm)

Designation Type Version Order code
Xenon-DIAMOND 2.7/111 -0001 V70-Mount 1078039
Xenon-DIAMOND 2.9/106 -0003 V70-Mount 1076949
Xenon-DIAMOND 2.2/117 -0001 V90-Mount 1076963
Xenon-DIAMOND 2.3/116 -0003 V90-Mount 1079718
Version: 07-23-2014

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