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Infrared Filter

For applications in the infrared we offer the LP-750 filter material. The price-performance ratio of this product is much better than for the usually used IR filters made of glass. It consists of a plastic polymer with optically polished surfaces, which allows it to be used in imaging applications directly in the beam path.

Up to an edge position of 750nm the visible light is blocked and infrared light of higher wavelengths is transmitted with high transparency. Thus, the filter is optimal for applications with high-power LED lighting products, whose wavelength is at 850 or 880nm.

To avoid disturbing reflections, the LP-750 can be put directly on CCD/CMOS sensors. For purposes of illumination it is also available with an anti-reflective coating.

Another advantage of this filter is its simple way of processing: it can get slit to brake it. Another possibility is laser cutting which we offer at larger numbers. Herewith, (almost) every dimension can be realized.

The LP-750 is available in four thicknesses. The following standard sizes can normally be delivered from stock. Different sizes have delivery times of 1-2 weeks.

Part designation
Dimensions [mm] Thickness [mm]
LP750-12,7R-1 12,7 mm round 1,0
LP750-25,4R-1 25,4 mm round 1,0
LP750-50R-1 50 mm round 1,0
LP750-50x50-0.5 50 x 50 0,5
LP750-50x50-1 50 x 50 1,0
LP750-300x150-0.5 300 x 150 0,5
LP750-300x150-1 300 x 150 1,0
LP750-300x150-2 300 x 150 2,0
LP750-300x150-3 300 x 150 3,0

    Test Unit Values
Mechanical properties: Tensile strength DIN 53455 N/mm² 65 - 68
Compressive strength DIN 53454 N/mm² 125
Flexural strength DIN 53452 N/mm² 120
Impact strength DIN 53453 kj/mm² 12
Modulus of elasticity DIN 53457 N/mm² 3000
Elongation at break DIN 53455 % 3 - 4
Hardness DIN 53456 N/mm² 175
Thermal Properties: Heat stability - Vicat
(3 mm thick)
DIN 53460 °C 115
Forming temperature   °C 150 - 170
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion VDE 304 mm/m°C 0,08
Specific heat   kj/kg K 1,46
  Thermal conductivity   W/m K 0,186
Electric Properties: Dielectric strength DIN 53481 kV/mm 40
Volume resistivity DIN 53482 kV/mm 1015
Dielectric constant DIN 53453   3,4
Dissipation factor DIN 53453   0,06
Other properties: Specific gravity DIN 53479 g/cm³ 1,18 − 1,19
Water absorption at 20°C in 24 h % 0,17

Page updated at: 02/06/2014