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3-CCD lenses by Fujinon

These lenses were specially developed for so called 3-CCD cameras. In this kind of camera the taken picture is divided into three separate images by a beam splitter. Each of these three images is then directed onto a individual CCD sensor with a filter for one of the basic colours red, green or blue.

The advantage of these 3-CCD cameras is the higher resolution for the recorded pictures. Due to the complex ways of light inside such cameras no standard lenses can be used.

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Type Format
Focal length
Aperture Hor. angle of view
TF2.8DA-8 1/3 2,8 2,2 - 16C 89° 08' 0.10 with metal mount
TF4DA-8 1/3 4,0 2,2 - 16C 61° 56' 0.10 with metal mount
TF8DA-8B 1/3 8,0 2,2 - 16C 33° 24' 0.10 with metal mount and locking screws
TF15DA-8 1/3 15,0 2,2 - 16C 18° 11' 0.10 with metal mount
TF25DA-8B 1/3 25,0 2,2 - 16C 10° 58' 0.20 with metal mount and locking screws

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