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Microscope objectives by Carl Zeiss

EURECA Messtechnik GmbH is expanding its lens range for industrial applications. With immediate effect, our portfolio also includes the microscope objectives from Carl Zeiss. While these objectives are often used in biology and medicine or, more generally, in life sciences together with classical microscopes, the main focus of EURECA is on the integration of these products in the context of OEM projects. The combination of microscope objectives with other optical components and industrial cameras, for example for industrial machines for inspection and quality control, is a typical scenario. The extensive range of microscopy objectives from Carl Zeiss covers all relevant techniques such as brightfield, darkfield or fluorescence. In addition, objectives with properties that are of particular interest for industrial applications, such as long working distance, are available.

The competence of EURECA to develop complex customized optical measuring systems is the perfect complement to the potential offered by Zeiss' high quality products. Our offers and services, for example in the field of customer-specific filters or sensor modification, expand the possible fields of application of these products.

Have we piqued your interest? Please contact us! Our experienced team of physicists and engineers will gladly examine how your measuring task can benefit from our know-how and our product range.

You would like to first get an overview of the available microscope objectives from Carl Zeiss? Then a look at the Objective Assistant of the manufacturer can be worthwhile.

Page updated at: 03/07/2018