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Heat conducting film

Eureca offers thermally conductive foils with high thermal conductivity for use in thermal management. The films are based on an acrylic material by 3M. They are relatively soft and so minimize the stresses on the components to be cooled and nestle well to different surfaces.

The films are used for instance for the thermal coupling of peltier elements on heat sinks or for passive cooling by coupling electronic components to thermal masses.

Color: light grey / white
thermal conductivity: 3.0 W/(K m)
Density: 2.1 g/cm³ at 25 C
Spec. electrical resistance: 2.7 x 1010 Ω m
temperature resistance: 110 130C short term (hours to days)
90 100C long term (weeks to months)
order code: TCAP-5590-[Size]-[Thickness]

Please replace in the order designation the desired size and thickness by the undermentioned order codes. Example: TCAP 5590-40x40-1.0 (piece with 1mm thickness and a size of 40mm x 40mm)

Available standard sizes: Size [mm] Order code
30 1 x 30 1 30x30
40 1 x 40 1 40x40
50 1 x 50 1 50x50
55 1 x 55 1 55x55
240 1 x 300 1 240x300

Available thicknesses: Thickness [mm] Order code
0.5 0.1 0.5
1.0 0.1 1.0
1.5 0.15 1.5

Cutting the foil is done by an in-house laser cutting machine. At present the maximum size is 240 x 300mm.

Page updated at: 08/22/2013