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Cooling Systems by Eureca

Eureca now offers thermoelectric cooling systems. The components are adapted to each other for optimum cooling properties at minimum required space.

The standard version consists of a sealed Peltier element, a hollow fin profile heatsink with attached Papst fan and protective grating, a spacer including isolation material as well as a temperature sensor on the cold side (LM335). The Peltier element is connected tightly with the spacer as well as with the cooling aggregate by a special highly heat conductive silicon glue.

The spacer (coolplate) serves for enlarging the distance between the cooling aggregate and the item to be cooled, so the spacing can be filled with isolating material for diminishing heat losses.

A plug-in terminal with connectors allows a simple connectivity of the Peltier element, the fan and the temperature sensor. Each system is supplied with a special non-bleeding heat conductive paste.

Type Isothermal Cooling Capacity [W] Size [mm] Weight [kg] Peltier Element
Peltier-XS 12,9 50 50 64 0,2 TEC2L-30-30-23/73-CS
Peltier-S 25,8 87 62 88 0,5 TEC1H-30-30-44/80-BS
Peltier-M 56,6 150 125 91 1,8 TEC1H-40-40-98/80-BS
Peltier-L 85,5 213 188 91 3,6 TEC1H-40-40-211/78-BS
Peltier-XL 120,5 213 188 96 3,8 TEC1SE-55-55-280/78-BS
Peltier-XXL 139,9 272 240 142 9,8 TEC1SE-55-55-280/78-BS
custom peltier system > 1 k possible          

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