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Entry into the information distributor

Here you can register into our information distributor, in case you would like to receive regular information about new products. Alternatively you can also use the following form in order to send us an inquiry for prices and delivery times and/or with technical questions.

We insure you that all your given personal data will be used only for internal purposes. For long-term planning we are always interested to know who requests information about our products. Therefore we are pleased about each as completely as possible filled out form.

We need the following data if you wish technical information, quotations or regular documentation. If you do not like to give all data in the course of data security, then please fill out only the most necessary fields, which we need for handling your inquiry.

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If you would like to receive regularly information about new products, then please select the most suitable form. If you receive e-mails from us, you will there find links to the web sides with new products. If you wish to receive information via the conventional postage or by fax, your will receive a short product overview with references to the new parts (no high polish folders with enormous amounts of multicolored pictures)

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